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80 views for a roof: Wierer’s range of concrete roof tiles and Cotto Coperture clay roof tiles meet the most demanding requirements for colour, texture and profile.

But a roof is not just roof tiles. That is why we introduced the “Roof System”, a goods and service philosophy: the roof has to be a complete and global system, with high quality level and long-lasting standards, where all the components and accessories are similar, easy to set, and fit each other perfectly.

In concrete range, well known tile profiles are Coppo di Francia – that offers many technical advantages as well as high mechanical resistance, absolute impermeability and perfect orthogonality- and Coppo di Grecia used to restore important or historical buildings roofs thanks to its exclusive shape.
Doppia Romana is one of the most sold tile because of its good water downflow and it is mostly indicated for big buildings construction.
Essential, flat and linear designed Tegal is the best solution for an alternative choice to the old slate roofs.
Last but not least Coppo Titan, the roof tile conceived for a minimum pitch of 10%.

In clay range we should talk about the innovative Coppo Domus, which imitates perfectly the traditional "coppo" profile, Monocoppo, with its range of colour that meets every taste and necessity and Flexa, the variable Portoguese tile.  

International distribution of Wierer and Cotto Coperture product range is provided by importers in the principal selling countries or directly from Italy for other destinations.
We offer a personalised service, with a team of professional experienced in working.

Export Office

Via Roma, 1
25040 Borgonato di C.F. (BS) - I
Tel.+39 030 98 97 515
Fax + 39 030 98 44 75
e-mail: export.it@bmigroup.com

Sales Conditions

Our goods are sold on an ex-works basis from our different sites. The risks are transferred to the buyer when MONIER S.r.l. places the good at the disposal of the buyer. For goods sold with transport included (franco, prepaid, delivered or other incoterm) then the risks are transferred to the buyer in the same way as above.
The term “ franco, prepaid, delivered or other incoterm” means that the transportation costs are included in the selling price.